Review: Revlon Lipbutters

If you have not heard of these little things, you've obviously been hibernating. There is SO much hype over this product that it's a bit insane. Due to this, I purchased 3. I chose colors that do not have an overwhelming amount of shimmer/glitter in them.

First off, I adore the packaging. It's not too fussy when I want to grab one of the drawer because the color of the lipstick is the same as the case. 

I got the Revlon Lipbutters in Cherry Tart, Tutti Fruitti, and Lollipop. 

 Cherry Tart, Tutti Frutti, Lollipop

Let's take a moment and appreciate my true-to-color swatches that I photographed today.
(Natural light) 
Cherry Tart, Tutti Frutti, Lollipop
I can't speak for the other Lipbutters, but the ones that I own are very pigmented. The texture is smooth and glossy too! Also, on my lips these are quite moisturizing, however they cannot replace lip balms despite the fact that they are "Lipbutters".

That being said, I find that the shade of Revlon Lipbutter in Lollipop is too blue-toned for my yellow-toned skin. So I don't gravitate towards this one as much as the rest. 

One thing that I wish these had is a scent to them, but that's just me. I'm a kind of person that love lip products that are nicely scented. Okay, just imagine the Cherry Tart Lipbutter that actually smells like cherry tarts. I would probably be the happiest person in the world if a company produces those kinds of products. However, if you prefer lip products to be unscented, then you must get yourself one of these. 

I'm aware in the UK a Revlon Lipbutter is 7-8 pounds, whereas in the US you can get it for 6-8 dollars. Like what's up with that? No, not cool. For me, 8 pounds for a drugstore lip product is pretty pricey. Nonetheless, I still recommend these especially those of you who love wearing bold lipsticks. Check out Lollipop! 

Just go in to Boots or some place that carries Revlon and swatch it for yourself. You'll love them as much as I do!

Do you own any Revlon Lipbutters? Leave some recommendations on which one I should try!



  1. Ahhh, they're so pretty, but they are not sold in my country. :(


  2. tutti fruit looks so pretty!


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