Lipsticks for fall!

Who doesn't love fall? or as the English call it autumn! Cozy fuzzy socks, boots, leather jacket, chai latte, pumpkin everything..ahhh yes, I could go on and on. I went through my lipstick collection and I've picked my top 4 lipsticks for the fall time! Out of the 4 that I've picked, 3 are from the drugstore. Thumbs up for me :)

New Black, 04, Fabulous Fig, Prolong

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in New Black
I purchased this not too long ago from Boots on Lisa Eldrige's recommendation. It has a somewhat matte finish which I really like for dark lipsticks 'cause it doesn't move around on your lips as much. The color of this is really close to Rimmel 04 but it's more red. I actually wore this lipstick on Halloween this year and it lasted all night!

Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 04
I've been eying the Mac Yung Rapenxel lipstick for the longest time 'cause I love Azealia Banks! But after seeing this video from DestinyGodley on Yung Rapunxel dupes, I passed it up and got the Rimmel Kate lipstick instead. It's a fraction of the MAC price (my wallet is happy) and even though they're probably not exact dupes, I still really like the Kate one.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Fabulous Fig
This is probably my faaaavorite out of the bunch probably because it's the most wearable for a day-to-day basis. It's a deep terracotta red that isn't too in-your-face. Despite my pure love for Revlon lip products, I still can't justify their UK price. I bought Fabulous Fig in Thailand for about 4 pounds but in Boots Revlon lipsticks are 7.99, which I think is a bit outrageous. HOWEVER, Thai drugstores don't carry Revlon's dark vampy shades like Va Va Violet or Black Cherry...biggest dilemma of my life.

MAC Prolong Wear Lipstick in Prolong
After months of searching, I still can't find my Russian Red anywhere, so that's why I've put Prolong in this list instead. They're actually very similar but Prolong is a tiny bit more long-lasting and drying. It's just a classic matte red that errrrybody needs in their life.

(From top to bottom) Prolong, Fabulous Fig, New Black, 04

Are you guys sporting dark lips this fall? Give me some recommendations 'cause I definitely need some more :)