Rediscovered Favorites - Bangkok Playlist

Hi guys, I won't be posting for a couple days because I'm going to Bangkok (again). For this trip, I've created a playlist that combines a bunch of my favorites that I've rediscovered in my iTunes. Most are oldies but goodies nonetheless. The first half of the playlist are tracks that are more mellow but the ones in the second half are quite upbeat. I'd probably listen to this while I take the subway and when I'm just browsing in the malls. 

If you don't want to check out every tracks I've put together here, I STRONGLY recommend:
- Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine (Acoustic) - AH, so good. I was already in love with the original version but this acoustic version is absolutely amazing. Her voice is so captivating. 
- Goshen by Beirut - Love the piano, the singing and everything about this song. Simply beautiful.

If you're looking for a good playlist, you should check out Kelly's blog! She has a bunch of music recommendations that you might wanna give a listen to. http://penegrin.blogspot.com/

Have a wonderful day :)


  1. I love the Florence + the machine song, I haven't heard of a few of the other people on your playlist though so might check them out! Always love to hear some new music.


    1. enjoy! ah i want to go to a florence and the machine concert so bad :s

  2. Love most of these :) x

  3. On my way to listen to all the songs!
    Have fun in Bangkok! (:

  4. Florence in the machine is the best! Ahhh i love them so much!

  5. Thank you An-an!!!! We should be friends you know, that's what my playlist looks like <3 AND MAN HOW I LOVE BEACH HOUSE AND PHOENIX! you're totally the best :) thanks!!!!!

  6. Lovely blog!
    I'm following you now
    kisses <3

  7. I love making playlists for trips. And definitely have a bit of Florence, Beirut and The Smiths on my ones too :)
    Daniella x


  8. Anonymous16.7.12

    Thanks for your lovely comment, would love to do a button swap!

    I'll put your button on my blog now :)


  9. ps: yes we can follow each other :) now I'm folowing you :) follow me back :D

  10. Phoenix is my go-to for roadtrip playlists. Love them!

  11. How do you get the URL for your button? X

  12. Awesome playlist! I know some of them but would love to check out the rest!



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