No more. This is what I've been telling myself for the past month when I go to the drugstore or department store. It's really hard to just walk past those colorful and shiny makeup products that lie so beautifully on the counters. I'm writing this post just right after making an order of the whole set of real techniques brushes. This may make me a hypocrite for writing this post but whatever.

The amount of makeup that I have is quite excessive but it's NOWHERE near the amount that most makeup gurus on Youtube have. I mean..if you've watched their makeup collection, they are freaking massive. I personally would never want my makeup collection expand to that extent because I know I'll never use them up. Makeup products have expiration dates...and we're just dumping our money down the drain with a bunch of stuff we're not going to use. The most amount makeup product that I have is lipsticks. I probably have 15? I don't really know but I know for one thing that most of them also have to be chucked out as well. This may seem like nothing to some of you but let's get real here...we only have a pair of lips...how much lipstick can we put on with a single pair of lips?

After watching Gemma from Gemsmaquillage's video about her thoughts on the amount of makeup that she has, it's made me realized that it's almost stupid to have SO much makeup that we're gonna end up throwing away. That video literally changed my view on purchasing makeup and it made me reflect on my personal spending. It used to be like "ooh that's pretty, i'ma get that. OOH, that too and that!"

So yes, I've decided to not buy any makeup product in the month of July. Let's see how I go in a month first and if all goes well, I might extend it to 2-3 months!



  1. I think I will have to unsuscribe to your blog becauce you are so right :( ! I'm in the same boat, I love my lippies.

    If my birthday wasn't next week, I'd start the ban with you now but I think after the "hauling" I'll do then I really should stop.

  2. love your blog hun im a new follower cant wait for more posts xx

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog <3 I'm trying out a shopping ban of sorts, use up 5 products before buying 1

  4. I totally agree, while part of me is jealous of those girls makeup collections I also don't think I'll ever have that much makeup. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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