Review: Lush American Cream Conditioner

I'm on a Lush review spree lol. Can't help it, here comes another one! 

There are a lot of positive things I had heard about Lush American Cream. For me it just didn't work out. This may be the first Lush product that I don't really care for. I feel bad saying this 'cause I absolutely love Lush but I still have to give an honest review. My hair is quite coarse and a bit frizzy. It's not particularly dry or oily, so I would say it's pretty normal. 

A lot of people say that American cream smells like vanilla and strawberries milkshake, but I have to disagree. It smells nothing like that to me. I know it's really stupid to say this but it smells like a typical Lush product. The scent lingers on the hair and it's a wee bit overwhelming. 

As for the moisturizing factor, it did nothing for my hair. Normally, I use conditioners from the drugstore and those actually make my hair soft and quite smooth. The consistency of American Cream is very thin and runny compared to a typical drugstore conditioner, so it's not moisturizing for my hair at all. 

I see no parabens in the ingredient list so I assume that it would be okay for those of you who only use paraben-free products. 

Please don't let my review entirely change your opinion about this product. It didn't work for me, but it doesn't mean American Cream won't work for you!

Let my know what your holy grail hair conditioner is for you.



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