Review: Dior Amber Diamond

Product rave time! I bought Dior Amber Diamond right after I graduated 'cause I wanted treat myself with a luxury product. I've been hearing all the hype on youtube about it and I gotta say that it is really worth it! 

I've been eying this for about a year now and finally I caved :) 
 Dior Amber Diamond comes with the little pouch that catches all of the dust in my bag.
But isn't the Dior packaging just the best thing in the entire WORLD?
Ah, love at first sight. 

 (natural light)

 (natural light)

Even though this is a "natural" highlighter, you can still go overboard with it. Just use a light hand and it'll give you the healthiest glow on the face. It works on my light and yellowish skin tone and I believe it would work on most skin tones because the color payoff isn't too pigmented. 

I bought this in Thailand and it costed me 1700 baht.

Hop over here to see how Tanya from Pixi2woo uses Dior Amber Diamond to create the Miranda Kerr look :)


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  1. Just ordered this today after finally caving in so looking up blog posts and discovered yours. Great post, thanks! x


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