A feeling of nostalgia

Just a warning, this is going to be a hell of a long post. So, grab a cup of tea or something.

Recently I've been looking through my hard drive and Facebook to find pictures to put up in my college dorm room. Being an ordinary girl that I am, I need my room to reach the maximum level of coziness possible. So yes, I've stumbled across a bunch of photos that triggered old memories of my childhood and the high school years. As good as it feels to be out of high school, these memories will be greatly missed. If somebody asked me how my high school life was going..a year ago I would have said that it pretty much sucked. There were a few people that I didn't get along with and a fair amount of my classmates just weren't the type of people I normally hang out with. But on the day we sent my best friend, Irene and her family off at the airport, it really hit me that we were about to part ways and go off to college and get on with our lives. 

Here are some pictures from my childhood and high school life that never will fail to put a smile of my face.

Me in kindergarten. I was quite a dancer.

Year 1997. What a chill time they had.

Our trip to Phuket. Summer 2011

 Jana, Irene and I doing what we always do. The last few weeks of school were the most memorable. 

 Me and Irene at a school event.

Fancy dinner on the last night of Grade 10. 

 School Earth Day. SAY CHEESEEEE!

Japanese feast on Sakura's birthday night.

Neighbor, Jana and me. Best night ever until the incident.

 We love Ajarn Boo! Hats off to the best teacher ever. ขอบคุณอาจารย์ปูนะคะที่สอนอันมาตั้งแต่เกรด 8 นะคะ อันจะคิดถึงอาจารย์ปูมากค่ะตอนไปเรียนต่อ :S

Graduation night. Had to give Nut a piggy-back ride 'cause her feet hurt from those killer heels.

Sending Irene off at the airport. Picture taken before we cried our eyes out like babies.

 Before Jana shoved that cake in my face. Thanks a lot, Jana.

My surprise birthday party at school. It was the best day.

An-An x 2

While everyone was reading To Kill a Mockingbird in English class.

 My favorite person. ever.


 Dinner at a restaurant in Guangzhou.

The most chill spot in Chiangmai, Mon Jam.

What else is there to do on a New Year's Eve than taking cheesy photos on Photo Booth? 

Earth Day at school. That hippo was quite ferocious, but it was a great day.

Class of 2012!

So...if you ask me now how high school went, I would have to say it was amazing. It didn't suck, it didn't suck at all. I became friends with the greatest people that you could ever meet and I would do anything to spend more time with them. I miss each and every one of them so much and it's only been a few months since we said goodbyes.

Guys, I wish you the very very best of luck! I love you and thank you for making high school experience the best time of my life. Don't forget to keep in touch :')

Hope my little story didn't bore you to bits and it is now 5 o'clock in the morning...I better go to sleep.

Have a great day. BYE!


  1. lovely photos! i love going through old photos! it reminds me of all the good old times :D

    followed you too xx

  2. Great Photos! Looks like you've had a beautiful and fun filled life so far :)

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog! I am following you too dear :)

    Hope you visit again soon.

    Jess xo


  3. Thanks for visiting our blog. Love yours xx

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    -Kendall & Tiana

  4. Lovely photos, I really enjoy posts like these :) x

  5. Aw these are lovely photos, you look really happy at your graduation
    Daniella x


  6. So sweeeeet photos !!!
    follow me here and on bloglovin and be sure I'll follow you back ;)

  7. lovely pics, lovely you!

  8. Cute pictures! That sounds like a really fun high school life you had!



  9. I understand you, I love the shoes too! =)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, follow if you like it, i'll follow you back! ;D

    Great pictures, very funny! =)



  10. Anonymous2.8.12

    Sweet photos!
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  11. Lovely pics - I especially love the first one :) x

  12. These photos are adorable! :)

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  13. I loved looking through your pictures. You definitely had a lot of great Friends.


  14. i'm so happy high school has been amazing for you! my high school experience has been great as well, definitely the best 4 years of my life. :)

    p.s. looking at old photos and reminiscing never fail to make me smile as well. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  15. omg! your pictures looks amazing *_* find your blog very interesting and good <3


  16. I love these photos! I especially love the one of you and your friend taking photographs whilst everyone else was reading the book in class, just like something my friends and I would be doing! I also really want the photograph with the cake, yumm!x


  17. Look like you had fun :) xxx



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